Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tetsuo: The Iron Man

This particular art film has an incredible idea. It's in Japanese (hopefully with subtitles) and is very cleverly edited. This movie jumps around in time and the plot isn't shot in order. There's a lot of fast forward video and stop motion animation with what looks like several different types of mediums (people, wires, coils, and lots and lots of tin foil). The basic story (as best I can make out) revolves around two men. One is a cleancut business man and the other is a professional runner. The runner has inserted a rusty pipe into his leg, a reason is not given. Anyway, the runner screams in pain and runs into the street where he is hit by a car driven by the business man. Business man and his girlfriend dump their automotive victim into a nearby ditch and proceed to make love while the dying runner lies in the ditch watching them. Business man begins to have real troubles though when a transister looking zit appears on his face due to a small cut from a clean new razor. When touched, it pops and gets worse. He begins to change. He begins to develop a metal rash that is spreading over his body and he's become strangely magnetic. Meanwhile, the runner is morphing into a supernatural being bent on destroying Mr. Business man. It becomes a strange game of good vs. evil. Clean metal good, rusty metal bad. Eventually since neither one can manage to win, they decide to unite and turn the entire world into metal... then rust it all just for the hell of it. A truly fascinating movie to watch.

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