Friday, October 26, 2007


This is the movie that Cher never wanted anyone to see. Unfortunately for her (but fortunately for us) Sonny owned the rights to the movie, not Cher. So when Sonny died, his heirs decided to make some money by releasing it on DVD. Prior to DVD release, this was one heck of a movie to find, due to the fact that Cher physically set out to destroy all copies because she was so embarrassed of it. Cher plays Chastity, a wild child runaway who hitch hikes her way across America. With absolutely no direction at all, she floats from finding a nice guy that can accept her obknoxiousness to a lesbian affair with the madam of a brothel in Mexico. Chastity very boringly narrates her ventures in a very unnescessary way, flips out for no reason... and goes to church. Much like the Beatles and the Who, Sonny and Cher figured they could make a movie too. But a very square duo attempting to make an edgy film does not a classic make. It failed miserably and cost them their dignity... and all their furniture. Cher also got pregnant during the making of this movie, hence their first childs name. It has a very clever tagline... Chastity, she's not just a girl, she's an experience.

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