Friday, October 26, 2007


This twisted tale of sluts and bolts begins when Jeffery Franken's girlfriend Elizabeth gets run over by a runaway lawnmower. Left with only a few pieces of his dismembered fiance, Jeffery tries to figure out how to put her back together again. Since there is very little left of his beloved, he decides that he needs some fresh parts to make her whole. So Jeffrey takes to the streets of New York looking for prostitutes. Since all these prostitutes care about is crack, he sets out to make a lethal form of supercrack to kill the prostitute with the best parts. Unfortunately, the supercrack makes all the hookers explode into bits and pieces. Now that Jeffrey has all the parts he could possibly want, he sets out to restore Elizabeth. He patches her up and loads her on a table and raises the table to the sky to attract lightening, Frankenstein style. The experiment is a success, Elizabeth is alive, the only hitch (aside from looking like a patchwork quilt) is that she now thinks she's a hooker. Makes sense since she's now 89% prostitute. Jeffrey tries to track his girlfriend down in different seedy motels, all the while Elizabeth is literally shocking johns left and right. Not to mention the very pissed off pimp named Zorro that tracks her down, since most of her is considered his property. This is a hilarious movie with loads of quirk Oh yeah, and almost everything in this movie is purple, not sure why.

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