Sunday, October 28, 2007


This is a creepy little flick is about a creepy little guy named Ezra Cobb. This was the first and most accurate telling of the Ed Gein story. A story that would go on to inspire many other popular movies like Silence of the Lambs, Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Ezra Cobb (Ed Gein) is a hopeless mama's boy that caters to his mothers every need, but when she dies Ezra just can't control his grieving and soon falls into insanity. Unable to cope with the seperation from his mother, he decides that it's high time he went and got her from that nasty old cemetary and brought her home. Unfortunately Mama Cobb doesn't look so great (being dead for almost a year can do that to you). Ezra becomes a regular at the cemetary, collecting body parts from other corpses to help restore his mother. Eventually he starts bringing whole corpses home to keep mom company. He also has become quite a ghoulish artist, hanging faces on the wall and keeping skin from his victims to make a woman suit (Ed also had gender issues). He made bowls from skulls, lamps made with a spinal column and lampshades made from skin. He eventually turns his interests toward live women (I guess he got tired of the smell) and when people start to go missing, nobody even thinks of Ezra Cobb, who is by all accounts considered a nice guy. The police soon link him to one of the murders and when they come to his house to check things out, they find a woman in his barn... decapitated, gutted and hung upside down like a deer. It turns out that sweet Ezra has been very naughty. Even though this movie is very gross and disturbing, it doesn't even compare to the real events that occured in Plainfsield Wisconsin.

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