Friday, October 26, 2007


Wow, what can one say about Nekromantik?  Being a cult movie master, I thought I had seen it all...  I was DEAD wrong. Nekromantic is a story about a little German guy with an unpronounceable name who has a job as part of a cleanup crew for grisly car accidents.  One day he happens upon a very very rotted corpse in a swamp and brings a piece of his job home to his necropheliac wife as a gift.  They proceed to have repeated intercourse with it until little german guy gets fired from his job and his wife decides that he can no longer provide her with fresh (or not so fresh) playthings, she decides that she can have a better life by running off with their "new friend".  Unable to cope with his wifes betrayal, he seeks his carnal pleasures among impatient but creative prostitutes, only to find that he cannot acheive any pleasure at all... at least with y'know, anything alive.  For a cheap foreign film, the acting is actually pretty good and the special effects are nothing less than disturbing.  For those who crave shock value, this is definately the movie for you.

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