Friday, October 26, 2007

The Gruesome Twosome

This film by Herscell Gordon Lewis (of the famed Blood Trilogy) is by far one of his weirdest movies. And that's really something when you're talking about the kind of movies he made. You see, H.G. Lewis mostly made disgusting gore movies, the first of their kind actually. Nobody seemed to notice the extremely bad acting, or the bad sound, or the bad sets, or the bad continuity, etc. All we cared about was that it was a new and ironically fun genre. In this particular farce, there is a sweet but odd (she constantly talks to a stuffed cat named Napoleon) old lady that has a wig shop near a college campus. She also has a room for rent that mysteriously stays vacant even when many young ladies come to inquire about the room. Coincidentally, the girls that come to rent the room are never heard from again, but their stylish haidos are being seen worn by the coolest cats on campus. It seems the old lady has a retarded grandson named Rodney that actually does the scalping. Half comedy and half gore. Not horror, gore. There's a difference. Horror makes you scared and gore usually makes you laugh. Anyway it made me laugh, and that's the important thing. This movie has the strangest intro of any movie I've ever seen in my life, and I've seen a heck of lot of movies, man. Has to be seen to believed!

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