Friday, October 26, 2007


One of the best known cult films in cinematic history is Eraserhead. This was the first full length feature by the king of "hard to figure out" movies, David Lynch. This movie has way more symbolism than most people can handle and the true plot has been widely discussed for years due to the fact that Mr. Lynch has decided to take its true meaning to his grave. He just calmly states that even he doesn't remember what it's truly about. Henry lives an extraordinarily dismal life and there's pure desolation everywhere. He gets a message one day from a recently departed girlfriend that she and Henry now have a baby. Henry is forced to wed Mary by her parents. Oh yeah, there's a hitch to it alright. The baby is badly deformed and looks more like an overgrown sperm cell. Gee, no apparant symbolism there. Anyway, the girlfriend splits and dumps Henry with the baby who then gets very sick. As Henry nurses this sick sperm cell, he has visions of a weird chick in a radiator and his head being used to make pencil erasers. Personally, my take on it... (silence please) I think Henry has a brain tumor, losing his memory and is dying. The desolation, holes in the roof, the title (duh), and a woman with bloated cheeks sings about how great Heaven is. Go figure. A very dark and moody movie that can be endlessly speculated about. A classic.

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