Friday, October 26, 2007

Forbidden Zone

Forbidden Zone is the hilarious brainchild of Danny Elfmans older less popular brother. Starring Danny himself as Satan (no leap of imagination there). Danny Elfmans early career with Oingo Boingo conveniently leant the soundtrack for the movie, and what a soundtrack it is!!! Being that's it's a comedic musical drenched with Yiddish humor just makes it that more hilarious. Frenchy (a foreign exchange student, maybe?) is sucked down a hole in her families basement and ends up in the Sixth Dimension Ruled by the evil Queen Doris and her perverted staff of dancing frogs and the weirder than weird performers known only as the Kipper Kids (one of whom is actually married to Bette Midler). Lucky for Frenchy, King Fausto of the sixth dimension (Herve Villachaiz, "de plane, de plane!") is falling for the young french girl, much to the Queens dismay. Frenchy and the Queen duke it out for the coveted position of least hated among the inhabitants of the Sixth Dimension. With it's cheap sets and incredible overacting, this black and white yet colorful movie is a great find for any cult classics fan.

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