Friday, October 26, 2007

Liquid Sky

Liquid Sky is a colorful movie to say the least. Besides being shot in psychedeliscope, it also cashed in on the whole luridly multicolored non-gender specific 1980's. Margaret is a fashion model, she lives in a penthouse in Manhattan. She also lives with Adrian, her lesbian heroin pushing girlfriend. One day, an alien spacecraft the size of a dinner plate lands on the penthouse roof searching for heroin and finds something better. That something is a chemical reaction in the brain produced during orgasm. Unfortunately it kills it's victims when it shoots out of their heads in the form of glasslike arrows. It's chosen Margaret as it's tool to obtain this chemical, (well, one would naturally expect a sexy fashion model would have many orgasms, right?) Since everyone she has sex with dies she decides to have sex with her biggest fashion rival Jimmy, who seems oddly feminine (even for the eighties). This is probably because actress Anne Carlisle plays the roles of both Margaret and Jimmy. This film is so bizarrely colored that one must assume that it was meant to be watched on drugs. From the unbelievable makeup (even for the eighties, really!) to the rainbow vision that results from seeing things from the aliens perspective. Take more color than most televisions can handle and an electronic soundtrack that could literally drive someone insane and you get one of the most notorious movies of the whole cult film phenomena. In fact, the director Slava Tsukerman was reportedly exiled from Russia for making weird movies.

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