Saturday, October 27, 2007

Plan 9 from Outer Space

Plan 9 from Outer Space is ironically considered to be Ed Wood's greatest cinematic acheivement, while at the same time it has outright won the award for the worst movie ever made. Filmed with more goofs than one can count, it never ceases to make me laugh out loud. In addition to the cardboard tombstones that occasionally tip over and the rapid incontinuity that results from the scene changing back and forth from day and night like 6 times in a two minute span. Eddie wasn't interested in the "small details", only the big picture. This thinking led him to make some pretty cheesy flicks, to say the least. Ed Wood as usual would gather up all his friends and set out to make a really bad movie. Plan 9 is an alien (who look exactly like humans, even down to the current hairstyles of the time) plot to take over the world by reanimating the recently dead. They succeed somewhat, by raising only three "zombies". These consist of an old man (half played posthumously by Bela Lugosi using Eds home movies and half played by Eds chiropractor who kept his face hidden with his Dracula cape so that no one would notice that they were two different people) his wife (played by the recently unemployed Vampira) and a 500 lb cop (played by Tor Johnson, the gentle giant wrestler turned B-movie actor). Cheap sets, wooden dialogue, flying saucers that look mysteriously like paper plates painted silver (which wobble uncontrollably throughout the movie) and the most stock footage that Ed could get his hands on (and Ed sure did love his precious stock footage). All this amounted to an amazing cinematic experience (well, at least in Ed Woods mind).

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