Friday, October 26, 2007

Pink Flamingos

From John Waters, the king of trash, comes Pink Flamingos. The story of the notorious Divine, the filthiest person alive and proud of it. Because of her criminal lifestyle, Divine has been forced to go underground and adapt the alias of Babs Johnson. Connie and Raymond Marble are "two jealous perverts" who loathe Divine and are bent on destroying her reputation and stealing her title as the filthiest people alive. The Marbles run an illegal baby ring where female hitchhikers are thrown in a dungeon, impregnated and the babies sold to lesbian couples. They also fuel money to a gang of heroin pushers in the local elementary school. All this combined cannot top the notorious beauty Divine, who along with her travelling companion Miss Cotton, her mentally ill mother Miss Edie and her delinquent son Crackers overthrow the Marbles and reclaim their position as the filthiest people in the world. Stay tuned when the movie comes to a close because Divine has a little something extra to show us. For not only is she the filtiest person alive, she is also the filthiest actress alive. She proves this by gagging on some freshly squeezed dog doo. An ending that could make anyone gag. It's great!

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