Saturday, November 3, 2007

Multiple Maniacs

This is John Waters second full-length feature. Much more of a story than Mondo Trasho. Multiple Maniacs deals with Lady Divine who runs Lady Divine's Cavalcade of Perversion. A freak show where one can enjoy puke-eaters, queers kissing on the lips and a heroin addict going through withdrawal. Before the show is over, the people who run the cavalcade trap the customers in a net and rob them blind. All in a days work for the always glamorous Lady Divine. Soon she gets bored running with the show and wants to just kill people for the hell of it. She finds out that her boyfriend Mr David is cheating with a Jean Harlow lookalike. She sets out to kill him and gets raped, has a religious vision, and gets fucked in a church by a lesbian with her rosary beads along the way. Mr David and Jean Harlow have now decided to kill Lady Divine so that they can be together. Jean Harlow accidentally kills Divines daughter Cookie and botches the whole thing. Eventually everyone dies except Divine who has now been reduced to sheer insanity. Just when things things can't look any rosier, a giant lobster comes out of nowhere and rapes Divine. This is definately the last straw for Lady Divine and she takes to the streets like Godzilla in drag, destroying everything she sees. She's eventually hunted down by the military and shot down "in a very Godzilla like way". A somewhat shocking laugh riot.

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