Sunday, November 4, 2007

Carnival of Souls

This movie made such an impact on me that I almost believed it to be complete truth. This haunting movie is quite unnerving in a very subtle way. Mary Henry is in a car accident, how she survived is anyone's guess. But ever since the accident, her life seems somewhat altered. She is a paid organist that has decided to make a new start after the accident by relocating to Utah and taking a job as the organist for the local church. Mary seems to be haunted by an eerie pale faced man with dark eyes that appears to her but no one else. Mary also becomes a little obsessed with an old pavillion just outside town. Soon even stranger events begin to happen. There are times when no one can hear or even see Mary, as though she has no place in the world. During these episodes, the only sound that can be heard is the spooky organ music that is almost a character in itself and present through most of the movie. Mary finally sets out to solve the strange events that now plague her constantly. Believing that the answer lies in the old pavillion, she goes there and faces the ghostly truth behind her own existance. Tons of easy to understand symbolism, a great story, an unexpected ending and an actress that seems cold as ice, even when she smiles. This true classic was made on a shoestring budget but was an instant hit, and has gone on to gather followers of the cult for years. It's also been colorized as of lately by Off Color Films, who did an excellent job, but it's the black and white version that really has the more haunting impact. This movie makes a great conversation topic, due to the different ways the story can interpreted. A wonderfully artful film.

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