Sunday, November 4, 2007

Desperate Living

Desperate Living was John Waters fifth movie and by his own admission was the first movie he made after quitting drugs (pot to be precise). You really wouldn't know it though, because it's a truly hilarious flick and decimates the assumed theory as to why his earlier movies were so strange. This one ranks among his greatest, even with the abscence of Divine. Divine was originally slated to be in this film, but due to his new success as a disco queen, was not able to be in the movie. This a sort of strange and trashy fairy tale story with a constant lesbian overtone. Peggy Gravel (Mink Stole) is a completely over the top neurotic who along with her maid Grizelda kill Peggy's husband and are exiled to the land of Mortville, where the population lives in constant mortification for something bad that they've done. Mortville is a "shanty town like" village (complete with tourists) that's ruled by the Evil Queen Carlotta (Edith Massey) and her gang of leatherman soldiers. Peggy and Grizelda seek shelter with a tough as nails lesbian named Mole and her girlfriend Muffy (the mildly famous Liz Renay). Meanwhile, the queens daughter Princess Cuckoo is in love with the garbage man from the nearby nudists colony. Because the princess is so defiant and Peggy Gravel is so vicious, Peggy is appointed the new princess and helps to (or tries to) spread rabies to everyone in Mortville. This is definately one of Edith Masseys funniest performances, a total scream.

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