Saturday, November 3, 2007

Female Trouble

Follow Dawn Davenport as she goes from pick-pocketing high school dropout to mutant fashion model. It starts at The Lipstick Beauty Salon owned by Donald and Donna Dasher. Two extreme stereotypes of the snobby super wealthy. You even have to audition to get your hair done at their prestigious salon. Only women of a mega trashy flavor is good enough for their salon. All others are referred to Mr.Ray's Wig World. Dawn gets married to a louse and has the brattiest daughter ever conceived. But when the Dasher's ask Dawn to be a part of their beauty experiment, Dawn becomes intrigued. You see, they believe that crime is beauty. The worse the crime, the more raveshing one becomes. A model, but mostly a glamourous guinea pig. Who else to fill this need, but the notorious beauty Divine, making a splash in her fourth full-length feature film. And by far considered to be one of his absolute best. Written specifically as a vehicle for Divine, it follows her from youth to the electric chair with tons of hilarity in between.

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