Saturday, November 3, 2007

Mondo Trasho

This was John Waters first full length feature film. Before this he had made some short films that cult fiends are dying to be released. But alas, this is this is the earliest John Waters film out there, I had a heck of a time finding it. There's no actual dialogue, only sound clips from records from John Waters personal collection. This one's often been referred to "the gutter film", mostly because it actually was filmed in the gutters and alleyways of downtown Baltimore. Like I said, there's no real dialogue but as best I can surmise, the story goes something like this: A blonde bombshell (Divine of course) accidentally runs over a woman that has spent most of her day getting her toes sucked on by a strange man in a park. Divine stuffs the girl in her trunk and carts it around town, running into the Virgin Mary in a laundromat to a naked dancing mental patient as well as other religious visions. Divines downfall culminates in a strange ending of Divine dying in a pig pen. This is the only John Waters movie that I have a hard time sitting all the way through. The sound clips used, are used over and over and over. The story, which is actually pretty thin, is stretched out for an hour and a half. Even John Waters himself has said that it should have been a half hour short film much like his early stuff, rather than a full length fim. But Hey, it was a start. Only for true John Waters fans like me.

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