Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's Alive

This movie rides a fine line when it comes to being a comedy or a horror film. I mean it's about a killer baby for goodness sake! That alone made it worth watching. Plus the movie poster was very clever... a deformed clawed hand coming from something inside a baby carriage. Anyway, this little gem opens with a couple that are proudly expecting a rather large (10 pounds... ouch.) but otherwise healthy baby boy. All seems well until the actual birth when after the proud father walks in, he discovers a delivery room slaughterhouse. The umbilical cord looks chewed off and there's a killer baby on the loose! Whoo, I'm all a panic. We don't see much of the baby actually, except for the occasional "baby's point of view" shot. The baby has some serious double vision, fangs, a rather large head and long claws. It makes the most hilarious cry/screech when it kills the milkman for some moo juice. Well, remember it is a baby. Dad decides to pursue it while mom proceeds to lose it. I guess having your newborn infant on America's Most Wanted tends to take a toll. The "baby" finally figures that it should be with mom and dad and finds it's way back home. It eats the family cat and crawls into it's crib, all is well. Since he helped bring this monstrosity to life, dad feels that it's his duty to kill it. Dad and police chase it into a sewer, dad has a change of heart and wants to love it and at the last moment tries to save it. But with half the American Armed Forces waiting outside, they don't get very far. Dad pleads for the life of his son saying that it can't hurt anyone. I guess he hadn't yet picked up the newspaper and learned about a killer baby on the loose with about 20 victims already under it's belt. The baby screeches like a banshee, lunges at a cop and get pulverized with about a gazillion bullets. At the very end of the movie we learn that another one has been born in Seattle. Leading the way for two more sequels that really sucked. If you really want to have a few laughs making fun of a movie that was intended to be pretty scary and came out totally hilarious, this Bud's for you. The movie also has a great tagline... There's only one thing wrong with the Davis baby... It's Alive!!!

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