Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bloody Birthday

Three completely (genetically) unrelated births take place in one hospital during a total eclipse of the sun. Two boys and a girl, all of whom are very smart, very cunning and very deadly, they also share a closeness that seems stronger than natural siblings, much stronger. Pretty much anybody that crosses their path gets "dealt with". From school teachers to parents and from siblings to strangers. These little brats honestly have no sense of remorse, no conscience, and a real knack for making homicides look like accidents. Joyce and Timmy, another brother and sister become targets of these three little sneaks, when they start questioning some of the deaths. "The Three" (Debbie, Curtis and Steven) lock little Timmy in a junkyard refrigerator, they poison the cake at their birthday party, They kill Debbie's father, etc. Timmy's big sister Joyce is an Astrology junkie and discovers that when the children were born, both the Earth and the Moon were blocking Saturn during the eclipse and since Saturn rules emotion, the children were born with no emotions at all (other than a slight revenge complex). In the end, after a ruthless pursuit on behalf of the "eclipse brats", Joyce and Timmy win out in the end (never saw that coming). One brat gets hog tied when he runs out of bullets and the other gets locked in a trunk. The girl (probably the most cunning of the three... naturally) gets away and is on the run with her mom. They've changed their names and have begun a new life. There's only one problem, she still has no conscience and keeps on killing. The last scene is of her killing a mechanic by lowering his jack and crushing him. Susan Strasberg makes a cameo appearance as the bitch teacher that gets killed. Also look for Julie Brown as Debbie's big sister. We get to see quite a lot of Julie actually (if you know what I mean). Her little sister has a peephole in her closet and charges little boys to watch her big sister getting undressed while dancing to music. For what they got, I so would have charged more than just a measly quarter.

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