Sunday, January 20, 2008


This is probably the only movie to ever really scare me. The first time I saw it, I was maybe 12-14 years of age and only after years of assaulting my mind with twisted and bizarre movies am I able to watch it again. It has many scary sequences, though after films like The Exorcist, 28 Days Later, and Jacob's Ladder, I think I'm prepared to stomach Xtro once again. Like I said, this movie has several disturbing sequences in it (most fulfilling). To start off, Young Tony's father is abducted by aliens and isn't heard from in over a year. Wife Rachel has moved on believing that her husband Sam has simply deserted his family for some unknown reason. A year later, a UFO deposits a hideous alien creature in the forest, it crawls to a cottage and impregnates a woman it finds there. Moments later, the woman awakes with goo all over her mouth (the site of the implantation) and a puddle of melted alien slime next to her. her belly then begins to grow... and grow and grow! Suddenly she gives birth... to a full grown man. And boy does he leave her a mess, as you can well imagine. The man is Sam, Tony's missing father. He returns to his family, claiming to have no knowledge of where he has been. By now, his wife has a new (and really annoying) boyfriend who is convinced that Sam is up to no good. Sam starts doing weird things like eating snake eggs and sucking on people's shoulders. He tells Tony that he's been somewhere else and has been changed. He wants Tony to change too. After sucking on Tony's shoulder for a while, Tony starts having unique powers. He can move things with his mind, he now has a creepy clown friend that has a yo-yo with razor blades on it. He creates a human size toy soldier to kill the bitch next door. Tony also has a live-in babysitter who eventually becomes cocooned on the ceiling and deposits eggs of some sort that are put into a refrigerator full of green slime, apparently for some sort of gestation purposes. To make a long story short, Sam has ultimately come back for his son. A flash of light and their gone. Mom goes home, finds the refrigerated eggs, picks one up and "sploosh". An appendage of some sort flies into her mouth from the egg, just like the poor woman in the cottage. I guess this is revealed to show that the process may start all over again. Creepy from beginning to end, this movie made the video nasties list, one of only two films from the U.K. to do so. It was banned for a short time, maybe a year or two, but was then released to the general public after some editing. A few years later when compared to other video nasties, it didn't seem quite so bad I guess and was re-released intact and uncut. This movie is a must if you really wanna be freaked out. I haven't spoken to many people that have seen this film, but the few that have say that it scared the hell out of them too.

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