Friday, January 25, 2008


He's black, he's beautiful... he's Blacula! Dracula's soul brother. This great blaxploitation film is basically just Bram Stoker's Dracula with black characters. Mamuwalde (great name) is an african prince who along with his wife Luva visit the legendary Count Dracula. Mamuwalde is bitten, turned into a vampire and locked in a coffin for centuries while his wife Luva is killed. In the year 1972, two gay interior designers buy Mamuwalde's coffin and bring it back to Los Angeles where he is unleashed upon the city and is hungry for fresh blood (I guess centuries in a coffin does tend to make one a little peckish). Mamuwalde meets Tina who is the reincarnation of his beautiful wife Luva. He pursues her while dodging her friend Mr. Gordon who finds out that Mamuwalde is a vampire. Gee... a cape, fangs, sleeps in a coffin... how did he ever figure that one out? Mr. Gordon thinks he's got Blacula by the balls when he finds his coffin, but when he opens it and stabs the inhabitant in the chest with a wooden stake, he realizes that he's accidentally stabbed Tina... duh. Blacula having lost his one and only true love for the second time, commits suicide by crawling into the daylight and frying himself. This movie was sincere in it's efforts to be a real horror film, but lacked the ability to frighten due to it's blaxploitation overload. Huge afros, some groovy disco music and Blacula... who's afro, eyebrows and sideburns grow huge whenever he vamps out. There's maybe one or two scary moments, but for the most part, this is a totally campy movie and is therefore very amusing to watch. A true cult classic.

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