Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Diane Linkletter Story

This little gem has been almost impossible to find. It's one of John Waters early short films. It was minimally released with Mondo Trasho when first produced, but not included when Mondo Trasho achieved an actual video release, which was John Waters first full length feature film. Thanks to YouTube, we can now finally get to enjoy it. How it got out is anyone's guess. I always assumed that like all his early short films, you had to be able to snatch it directly from John Waters attic to be able to view it. I haven't seen any other of his shorts on YouTube, but keep a look out, you never know what will surface. Some others to look for are "Eat Your Makeup", "Hag in a black Leather Jacket", and "Roman Candles". The Diane Linkletter Story is only about 10 minutes long, therefore it is presented to you in its entirety on the YouTube video below this post. It was actually only made to test a new camera with sound. It's simplicity is apparent of being a test take, it has a truly creepy ring to it. It was filmed the day after Diane Linkletter (Art Linkletters daughter) committed suicide by jumping out of a window while on the mother of all acid trips. Divine plays Diane Linkletter (naturally) with David Lochary as Art Linkletter and Mary Vivian Pearce as his wife. The parents bicker for about six minutes, Diane comes home high as a kite, she runs to her room crying out for her boyfriend Jim then takes a flying leap out the window, the end. After his daughters suicide, Art Linkletter released an album addressed to his daughter called "We Love You, Call Collect" which is played during Waters' film (creepy). Enjoy!

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Glitter Thug said...

Back in 1990 (i think) a VHS was released called ''A Divine Double Feature'' or somethig similar, and The Diane Linkletter Story was included on that release, along with footage of Divine in a play. So i assume thats how it ended up on youtube, thankfully!!!