Sunday, September 5, 2010

Night of the Demons

Originally released straight to video, this little gem of a movie was actually really good and was immediately taken off the shelves and released in theaters everywhere. A perfect Halloween movie with lots of horror, action, and even a good dose of comedy. Angela, a total goth chick (who, by the way is Golden Girl Rue McClanahan's niece, who now works as a pet psychic) who decides to throw the Halloween party to end all Halloween parties. She plans not to have the party at her house but at Hull House, an enormous abandoned funeral parlor with a really horrific past. Apparently, the Hull family met a gruesome end, killed each other and now the house is supposed to be infested with demons. Even before the massacre, Mr. Hull had a penchant for "dating" his deceased clientele. A group of "teens" (I use quotes because they all look over 30) arrive at Angela's party. The friends who arrive always strikes me as weird because none of them act like they would ever be friends or even give each other the time of day. There's of course Angela, a goth chick who treats everyday as if it were Halloween. Judy, a prudent perpetual virgin. Judy's preppy date Jay, who dresses like Don Johnson and wants nothing but sex. Max and Fran, a couple that are probably the two most normal people there. Stooge, a fat foul mouthed punk rocker. Roger, the stereotypical scared black man. Suzanne, an oversexed nymphomaniac in a pink tutu that looks like she could pass for forty. Sal, a guy with the strongest New York italian accent I've ever heard in my life. And finally Helen, a totally forgettable character that you hope gets killed off as soon as possible. While playing Halloween party games (seances, bobbing for apples with razor blades in them, etc), they hear a noise coming from the basement (crematorium), then feel a strong chill and a repulsive stench. According to Angela, these are all signs of demonic infestation (told ya she was a goth chick year round). Suzanne opens her mouth to apply some lipstick and a demon takes this opportunity to infest her. Against Angela's advice to leave, the rest of the party guests decide to do some sightseeing. Before departing, Suzanne kisses Angela, infesting her with demon possession as well. Through on way or another all the other guests infest each other till everyone's possessed, Angela being their ringleader. With only Judy and Roger left unpossessed, the desperate fight to stay alive ensues. There is a brick wall surrounding this property and according to legend, the wall marks an underground stream which the demons cannot cross. Unfortunately, on Halloween night the brick wall has no gate, meaning no exit. Apparently in this movie, the legend about Halloween being the only night of the year that all demons and evil spirits are allowed to roam the earth. With all the possessed party guests chasing them, Judy and Roger have no other choice but to climb the barbed wire on the wall in order to escape. Movies almost never bother me but this was a painful scene to watch. Ironically, as soon as Judy and Roger make it over the wall, the sun comes up and all the demons turn to green smoke. Two more minutes and they could've used the gate instead of tearing their hands up on that barbed wire. Strolling home, torn clothes, cuts and bruises, and generally looking like shit... they pass an old man who complains about them obviously being out "partying" all night. By the way, this old jerk was actually giving out razor blade filled apples to kids because they are just one of his many hatreds. The movie ends with his wife serving him a homemade apple pie for breakfast. With an "oh shit!" look on his face, the razors start to slice his neck to ribbons. He dies face down in a puddle of blood and pie. His wife looks down at him and merely says... "Happy Halloween, Dear".

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