Thursday, April 8, 2010


This is a hilarious new movie by Troma that had me in stitches throughout the entire film. A military chicken fast food restaurant called "American Chicken Bunker" is built on an ancient indian burial ground (and we all know how pissed dead indians can get). A group of non-indian (with the exception of a "Chief What's His Face") protesters surround the restaurant with signs that say things like "Chicken Killers" and "I love Cock!" Arby is a huge dork who really just wants something to eat, joins in the protest, only to find his girlfriend Wendy there making a unique protest of her own... as a lesbian, making out with her new and very butch girlfriend Mickey. Specifically involved in a protest called C.L.A.M. (college lesbians against mega-conglomerates). To get her goat, Arby goes in and gets a job, hopefully making riches and bitches part of his long term goal. Soon strange things begin to occur in the restaurant. Instead of grade-A eggs, a bunch of green slimy pulsating vein-covered eggs are being served to the hapless customers. The restaurants representative "The General" shows up to do some damage control... and some shameless promoting. Restaurant manager Denny tries to keep things under control, but fails miserably when an employee name Paco Bell gets pushed into a "beaks and claws grinder" by a possessed chicken carcass and splatters the walls with blood, which Denny tries to convince people is artistic wallpaper. Pretty soon, anyone who eats at the restaurant becomes possessed by homicidal chicken spirits. The restaurant, now under siege has only Arby and Wendy to save the world from chicken zombies. Turns out that alcohol kills them. Wendy finds a keg and only after calling her a "fucking drunk", does Arby figure out her plan. Wendy melts the hoard of chicken zombies with her beer, they escape only to flee in a stolen car, hit another car, flip over and finally crash and burn. This really is one of Troma's better movies. There's lots of great cock jokes, plenty of gore, and ridiculous circumstances. And if you haven't noticed by now, everybody's names are taken from fast food restaurants... Arby, Wendy, Mickey (McDonalds) The General (The Colonel), Denny, etc. Oh, and did I mention it's a musical. Great fun!

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