Sunday, January 25, 2009

Trick or Treat

This is a great 80's period piece. I saw this as a teenager and I loved it, mostly because it's a "revenge against your high school tormentors" type of movie. Sort of a "Carrie" for guys. Something I and probably thousands of other people can relate to back in those awkward (and sometimes traumatic and insanity inducing) teenage years. The story centers around Eddie Weinbaur... metal head, mullet sporter, torn denim wearer, dressed in a never ending selection of Metallica t-shirts. Needless to say, he's an obvious target for these overly preppy guys at his school. It always amazed me how preps wearing pink (and a various assortment of other pastels), playing polo, using gobs of hair gel to enhance their fake highlights, and throwing pool parties could possibly have the nerve to call us "fags". Did they not have mirrors or something? Anyway, Eddie is actually a pretty cool guy, loves all the best metal bands... Judas Priest, Megadeth, Anthrax, etc. But his favorite is (the fictional) Sammi Curr. Eddie absolutely loves Sammi Curr and writes him tons of fan letters under the pseudonym "Ragman". Mostly bitching about his lousy high school existence. One day, the unthinkable happens. Sammi Curr dies in a mysterious hotel fire. Eddie is crushed. He seeks empathy from his radio DJ friend (appropriately played by Gene Simmons of the band "Kiss"). His friend presents Eddie with a one of a kind gift. Sammi's new album that was scheduled to be released, but delayed because of his untimely death, was to be played at midnight on Halloween, and the DJ has the only master copy. He presents Eddie with the master album, because he's made a tape recording of the album of which he plans to play at midnight. Thrilled shitless, Eddie takes the album home, presses play and listens to the album over and over till he falls asleep. Eddie wakes up to the sound of the record skipping. The short bits of music between the skips sound like language in reverse. Eddie begins to play the album backwards and hears the voice of Sammi Curr leaving vague messages that seem directed at Ragman (Eddie). Eddie plays the rest of the album backwards and discovers instructions for a revenge plan to get back at his preppy bullies. He executes the plan as directed and it works perfectly. Eddie begins an ongoing conversation with Sammi Curr through the album. Eddie asks in forward mode and Sammi replies in reverse. Soon, Eddie is all powerful... that is until he realizes that he's just a tool for Sammi to be "reborn" as such. Using electricity as his general vehicle, Sammi Curr terrorizes the Halloween dance at Eddie's school, killing more than just the preps. And has plans to reach an even bigger killing ground (I mean audience) by his new album being played at midnight. It's up to Eddie and some hussy he picks up along the way to stop the playing of the album. They succeed in shutting off the power, by smashing a transformer or something. A pretty predictable ending, but still a good film. Don't miss Ozzy Osbourne's cameo as a Christian televangelist, bitching about the sexually suggestive lyrics of heavy metal music. Nice touch.

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