Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blue Sunshine

Blue Sunshine came out in 1977 and has all the earmarks of a seventies film. Polyester, disco, and bad hair. Speaking of bad hair... this movie has a lot of it and is in fact the main catalyst for the story. OK, here goes... A few certain people start noticing unnatural hair loss and displaying very erratic mood swings which are starting to become extremely violent. Their violent behavior quickly evolves into homicidal actions. I won't go into each one, but there is incredible character buildup which makes the action in the film much more exciting because you begin to feel like you actually know these people. An element that most mainstream horror/sci fi movies often neglect. Before any of them can be cured, it's realized that all the balding lunatics went to the same college university ten years ago. It turns out that some asshole sold them all a bad batch of acid called "Blue Sunshine". For those of us old enough to remember, LSD always had colorful names... Blue Sunshine, Black Dragon, Red Mercury, etc. A bumbling detective figures all this out and tries to save the world from this "plague". The most suspensive portion of the movie is figuring out who took the Blue Sunshine and who didn't. You see, a lot of the lunatics are wearing wigs so it's hard to tell because the hair loss comes before the violent tendencies occur. The climactic ending to this movie is full of humor, which changes the mood of the story ten fold. Three different puppets with the likenesses of Barbara Streisand, Frank Sinatra and Tom Jones, introduce the opening of a new disco (which was just making it's big splash around the time of filming). I guess the techno pop that disco had, really pushed the bald acid heads (who are more like crazed zombies now) over the top and they start freaking out and killing everyone. Moral of the story... avoid bad drugs (good drugs are OK) and if you freak out from bad acid, you should probably avoid discotechs. A really great period piece and very effective for a cheap independent film from Jeff Lieberman who also brought us the cheap but effective horror film about worms called "Squirm" which most of us have only seen on Mystery Science Theater 3000. A side note that must be acknowledged is the ever present full moon with a slight bluish tint, obviously foreshadowing the bald lunatics who took the Blue Sunshine.

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