Monday, July 7, 2008


Snuff is a terribly disappointing movie. Because of it's appearance and marketing, it gives you the impression that it may actually be a snuff film (for those of you who do not know what a snuff film is, it's a film that depicts what appears to be an actual murder caught on film just for the fun of having it, usually occurring after a sex act). But alas, instead we are left with a movie that is slow, stupid, obviously fake and has few surprises. The bulk of the movie is a very jumbled plot that after watching this movie three times, I still cannot figure out what was what. Upon seeing the ending, this may have been done on purpose. Anyway, the story is basically about a gang of hippie biker chicks that are also apparently followers of some dork calling himself Satan, cleverly pronounce as "Suh-ton". He controls these brainless broads with boobs in a Manson-ish type of way. Anyway, a porn actress and her manager/director arrive in Chile' (?) to make another movie. While there, she hooks up with an old boyfriend. Old boyfriends current girlfriend (or sister, it's never really specified) is part of this hippie biker chick gang. A plot is set in motion to slaughter them all which does eventually happen. After the last person is finished off, we see cameras and sound people and a director yelling "cut!". Apparently it was all just a stupid movie being filmed (that's why I say that the story really doesn't have to make sense because it wasn't really happening and could have been hypothetically shot only in part or out of sequence). After the bulk of the people leave the set, a cameraman seduces the actress that still laying on the bed on the set. Camera and sound crew draw nearer. Cameraman attacks actress, stabs her, cuts off fingers and hands, and eventually rips her guts out. He holds them up and gives a tribal scream. The screen then looks like the camera has run out of film, but you can hear sound people saying "Did we get it?" and "I think so." This movie somehow got a rumor started about it, that it actually was a snuff film. After seeing the "snuff" scene, it's painfully obvious that it's totally fake. Also, this movie has tribal drums as a constant soundtrack. No music, no beat... just really loud obnoxious drumming. During the sex scenes, the drums will convince anyone listening that you are watching a terribly cheap porno. And if no one's around, then there's only you to drive crazy by having to listen to them non-stop for an hour and 20 minutes. Personally, I found this movie to be very boring and I don't recommend it, but it does have a huge cult following, mostly due to the "is it real" factor. Well, for anyone who has even the slightest doubt whether it's real... It's not!!!!!!!

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