Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day probably has the most ironic title of any movie ever made. Instead of just slapping a corsage on her chest and letting her order whatever she wants at the local pancake house, Ike and Addley have a special way of showing their motherly affections with rape, murder, and torture. All under her strict guidance of course. The brothers are your typical Deliverance/Texas Chainsaw Massacre dimwits that only know what Mommy has taught them and what they see on TV. Speaking of TV, another irony in this film is that a cheap yet very disturbing movie such as this one makes a quite real and truthful statement regarding the influence of violence in movies and television. Anyway, the story is rather simple, yet still quite effective and goes as such... Three woman form a close bond in college and decide to get together for a ten year reunion. To celebrate, they go camping (?). The two brothers ambush them, bring them to their dilapidated house containing the Charles Manson of all mothers. All three girls are tortured under the strict teachings of their deranged mother (y'know like weight loss exercises). These teaching sessions are weirder than weird. First she gets the sons to make one of the girls sit on a bench and act like she's reading a book so that they can be taught how to properly attack a woman in a park. Then they make her dress up like a little girl so that one of the sons can be trained to attack and violently rape her. This torture is intended for all three girls, but after the first one dies from their violent training exercises, the other two escape, gear up like Rambo and extract their revenge. They manage to kill the brothers and suffocate mom with a pair of inflatable tits. The end. A side story that never really made any sense to me is that the mother often refers to "Queenie" who is supposedly mom's twin that was born deformed and covered with hair, but is still alive, living in the surrounding woods. After the girls kill their captors and escape, they are attacked by the elusive Queenie, who clearly looks like a man covered in moss or something. Made in 1980, this film has some very interesting trivia to it. First of all, it was being filmed on the other side of the lake at the same time that the original "Friday the 13th" movie was being made. They expected Mother's Day to achieve a better success than Friday the 13th due to it's being much more graphic.... they were wrong. Also, the house that was used for the main part of the film had been vacant for about 15 years. When the film makers decided to use it, they discovered the dead body of the owner of the house inside, having been murdered. Even more gruesome is that the body was actually used as a prop in the making of the film!!!! Hey, you gotta save as much money as you can when making a cheap 80's slasher film. There just wasn't much room in the budget for props, I guess. This movie was is every video store when I was young, but finding it these days is a little difficult, but well worth the effort.

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