Monday, April 28, 2008

Queen Adreena

After the success of Daisy Chainsaw with their punk hit “Love your money”, Crispin Gray and Katie Jane Garside decided to create a new band called Queen Adreena in 1999. Their first EP “Taxidermy” is released in 2000, written by the two of them. This album will become a reference, a classic with their awesome personality and sound, sometimes rock'n'roll, sometimes blues and melancholic. The band will have several bassists and drummers until they found Pete Howard in 2002 for the second album “Drink me”, a record more savage and instinctive than the first one. Pete Howard will bring his strength on the drums, bringing the good rhythm and the good energy to Queen Adreena. With their new album "The Butcher and the Butterfly" Queen Adreena has scored it's biggest hit yet, ironically it's a cover Dolly Parton's "Jolene". Sounds an odd combination, but worked out beautifully. With this new single, Queen Adreena is starting to achieve a more mainstream success as it did with Daisy Chainsaw. If you're a Marilyn Manson fan, then don't miss Queen Adreena as Marilyn's opening act on his European tour.

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